The best therapy gloves for carpal tunnel syndrome pain relief.
Far Infrared Therapy Gloves.......
The New Treatment for Sore, Painful Hands &
s That You Can Wear Anytime!

Suffer sore, throbbing hands, cold, white fingers or
stiff, aching finger joints? Do you wake up in the
morning with thumb joint pain, your hands tingling,
feeling thick, heavy or stiff? And do your symptoms
ease once you flex your fingers, warm or move your

Your doctor says you may have carpal tunnel syndrome, however,
medical tests show little or no slowing of nerve conduction. Or it could be
that you have
bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis or Raynaud’s
? No matter what medical condition you have you just need
to know what new pain relief treatments are available to relieve your
symptoms so you can get back to enjoying your full and active lifestyle! So
here’s some great news.

An effective, Simple Treatment to Ease My Pain
Yes, thanks to micro-fibre technology, therapeutic thermo-textiles can help
ease the discomfort associated with wrist and hand pain. A simple, highly
effective treatment all you need to do is to wear these therapy gloves to
bed at night. Carpal tunnel, Raynaud’s & arthritis affected patients will find
that their hands and wrists feel significantly better when they have been
kept warm and gently supported during their sleep. When you wake in the
morning you feel a noticeable improvement in how your hands and wrists
feel. The difference is obvious; in fact, you have slept comfortably through
the night without pain waking you.

Can Therapy Gloves Help Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
Yes, therapy gloves are an ideal natural pain relief treatment for carpal
tunnel. Did you know an estimated 2 million people in the United States are
affected by carpal tunnel syndrome? “Approximately half are work-related,
in fact, carpal tunnel syndrome may account for many of the days we miss
at work,” according to published figures. Carpal tunnel syndrome is most
prevalent in women but also affects workers who use their hands
frequently, such as typists, musicians, hairdressers, computer operators,
laborers, artists, and even dentists. Factors that can increase your risk of
developing carpal tunnel syndrome are
diabetes, pregnancy, menopause
sporting injury or broken bones in the wrist. There are other causes of
hand pain too, which include repetitive, forceful gripping or frequent and
awkward flexion of the wrist.

These specially designed
thermal gloves, made with a unique cotton-
blend knitted construction, offer carpal sufferers firm compressive support
for sore wrists without restriction or discomfort. Importantly, unlike
neoprene,  nano-fibres allow your skin to breathe naturally to avoid
sweating or the risk of unpleasant skin irritation.

What About Raynaud’s Disease?
Yes, far infrared thermal gloves offer a safe, natural non-drug treatment to
assist decrease the severity of your Raynaud's attacks and promote better
circulation for improved hand health. Thermal therapy aims to reduce the
number and severity of attacks and to help prevent tissue damage in your
fingers and toes. The good news is that the length and severity of your
Raynaud’s symptoms can be lessened by wearing thermal gloves and
therapy socks to protect and warm your hands and feet. In cold weather,
try to stay indoors to avoid chills. You can even sleep in your medical
gloves to help prevent attacks. Far infrared therapy garments are
designed to help you to maintain a gentle exercise program to help ease
the symptoms of
Raynaud’s phenomenon.

It's important to be aware that air conditioning, the nicotine in cigarettes or
handling cold, frozen food can also trigger Raynauds. Did you know that
stress can exacerbate the problems caused by Raynaud’s Disease, so it’s
vital to relax, too? For many Raynaud’s sufferers, treatment with prescribed
medication is not always successful so it’s great to know you have a safe
and effective natural option to maintain your quality of life.

Therapy Gloves Relieve Arthritis Pain
Yes, FIR therapy gloves are the ideal choice to relieve arthritis pain, joint
stiffness and swelling in your hand and fingers. Their soothing warmth
gently assists to maintain joint mobility to help reduce the risk of
inflammation and deformity, too. Arthritis pain is associated with various
degenerative joint diseases which include gout,
rheumatoid arthritis,
osteoarthritis, lupus, Lyme disease, psoriasis, scleroderma and ankylosing

Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers know the discomfort of stiffness,
particularly in the morning, as well as swelling, and severe joint pain. Worn
at night, Highly effective arthritis treatments, Thermomedic therapy gloves
can gently ease this inflammation, so reducing the risk of damage to
cartilage and tissue in your joints. Thermal
therapy gloves naturally help
relieve the inflammation, pain and can delay degeneration of the affected

Thermomedic Therapy Garments Ease Tendonitis Pain
Tendonitis sufferers can find calming relief from their pain by wearing
gently-supportive therapy gloves to help promote an ergonomically-correct
and natural wrist position during your daily activities as when working at
repetitive tasks, such as typing.

Physiotherapists recommend you take frequent rest breaks and change
your grip and hand position often. Further, it is wise to avoid those
movements and tasks which are causing your tendinitis symptoms and to
employ proper body mechanics in all wrist-related activities. Thermomedic
therapy gloves can also help absorb vibration from power tools to
provide relief for an ailing wrist. Wearing compressive therapy gloves and
wrist supports to help immobilize the wrist can reduce repetitive trauma and

What Are The Best Far Infrared Therapy Treatments?
Far infrared therapy from Thermomedic Therapy Garments is a natural
anti-inflammatory treatment to help your body heal itself while providing
soothing relief from joint swelling, pain and arthritis. Highly effective, these
class 1 medical devices are included on the Australian register of
therapeutic goods. Thermomedic
far infrared therapy clothes are
recommended by many health care professionals.

Clinical trials show thermal therapy is an effective aid to help reduce
inflammation and swelling, increase joint mobility and can provide excellent
non-pharmaceutical relief of the pain associated with sore hands, wrists,
thumb joint pain and finger joint pain.

In Australia, the CSIRO research laboritory is leading the way into the use
of nano-fibres for medical use.
Thermomedic Therapy Garments, Medical Gloves,  Far
Infrared Clothes & Orthopaedic Body Bands offer Safe,
Natural & Effective Pain Relief Using the Scientific
Principles of Far Infrared Thermal Energy.

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Thermomedic soft,
elastisized knee support
helped relieve painful
swelling from a spider
Knee Brace
Far infrared therapy garments from Thermomedic offer gentle support and are an effective treatment for swelling and fluid retention.
Thermal Therapy
Supportive Knee brace is
an effective, post-operative
physiotherapy aid
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FIR Knee Band
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Orthopaedic Elbow
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from neuropathic pain  
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playing tennis, golf &
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Thermomedic Diabetes Socks assist to relieve pain, improve circulation while offering anti-bacterial qualities for reduced odour & improved therapeutic benefit.
Thermal Therapy
gloves with far infrared
thermal healing for
sore hands.
Arthritis Gloves
Orthopaedic Elbow
Band sooths painful,
arthritic elbow joints,
allowing you to lead a
fuller, more
independent life.
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