Why Do My Fingers Tingle?

Do You Suffer With The Discomfort of Numb, Tingling
Or Sore Fingers And Hands?

Numbness and tingling are uncomfortable sensations that may
occur anywhere in your body, but are most often felt in your
fingers, hands or feet. Numbness in your hands may also be
accompanied by burning, weakness or sometimes sharp pain.

What Causes Numb or Tingly Fingers?
Doctors tell us there are different causes for feeling numbness and tingling
sensations. The most common causes include:

~ Sitting or standing in the same position for too long
~ Nerve damage or peripheral neuropathy
~ Pressure on the nerves in your spine
~ Pressure on peripheral nerves from swollen blood vessels
~ Shingles
~ Lack of blood supply to your fingers, such as frostbite
~ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
~ Diabetes
~ Raynaud’s Phenomenon
~ Vitamin B12 deficiency
~ Insect, tick or spider bites
~ Prescription medications
~ Repetitive Strain Syndrome

How Can I Treat My Tingling Fingers?
If tingling, burning or numbness causes you discomfort, disturbs your sleep
or affects the quality of your work, then soothing Thermomedic therapy
gloves can protect, comfort and ease your symptoms. With our unique,
patented bio-ceramic fibres, Thermomedic therapy gloves improve circulation
to help enhance your body’s own natural healing processes. This means you
can safely use Thermomedic Therapy Garments with complete peace of
mind, even for weeks or months.

So affordable and very effective, far infrared therapy gloves cost only cents a
day!  So safe you don’t even need a prescription and they won’t interfere
with any medications you may be taking.

Soothing to wear, highly effective and easy care, just simply wash in mild
soapy water, Thermomedic therapy gloves are the recommended therapy
glove by doctors, physiotherapist and health care professionals to help
relieve the symptoms of numb or tingly fingers.

Do You Suffer Loss of Sensation or Pins And Needles?
If your symptoms persist, it is recommended you visit your doctor to diagnose
the cause of your numbness, pins and needles or tingling. Treating your
condition may make the symptoms go away or stop them from getting worse.
If, for example, you suffer with carpal tunnel syndrome or low back pain, rest
and correct care with compressive support garments will help your body to
heal and prevent re-injury.

It is also important to be mindful, that as numbness may cause decreased
sensitivity to touch, you may be more likely to accidentally injure a numb
finger, hand or foot. Take care to protect yourself from cuts, bruises, burns
or other injury with Thermomedic medical gloves or socks.

Seeking Medical Help For Your Tingling and Numb Fingers
Your health care provider will ask you about your medical history and check
to see what parts of your body have numbness or tingling as well as which
side of your body is involved.

Does the part of your body with numbness or tingling change colors? Does it
feel cold or warm, for how long have you had the numbness or tingling and if
you have any other symptoms? You may require a blood test, angiogram or
scans to help accurately diagnose the cause of your tingling, loss of
sensation or pins and needles.

What Is The Best Treatment For Tingling Fingers?
The recommended treatment for numb or tingling fingers is rest for the
affected area and to stop those activities that cause or aggravate your

Protect and care for your hands with gently compressive Thermomedic
therapy gloves to help support the area without the discomfort of total
immobilization as a safe, effective
treatment for tingling fingers and hands. If
you have carpal tunnel syndrome, wearing Thermomedic gloves during the
day as well as at night gently supports wrists for improved treatment outcome.

Choose Thermomedic Therapy Gloves For Your Sore Hands
Thermomedic are the choice of doctors and medical specialists to help treat
tingling, pain and assist healing without the risk of unpleasant side effects
caused by prescription medications or surgery.

At just $29.95 these beautiful quality therapy gloves are the wise
choice in health care

  We guarantee it!
Cure Sore Tingling Fingers & Hands

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Why Do My Fingers Tingle?
Far Infrared Therapy Gloves For Tingling Fingers
Tingling Fingers
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Thermomedic FIR Medical Gloves relieve the symptoms of tingling, numbness, carpal tunnel & pins & needles.
Full-Finger Silky-Soft
Therapy Gloves are
ideal for use during
rest, sleep &

Raynauds Gloves
Therapy Gloves for tingling fingers and hands

Fingerless gloves with far infrared thermal therapy for tingly fingers
Fingerless gloves
are very
comfortable to wear
so a great choice
for busy hands.

Therapy Gloves
Full-Finger Therapy
Gloves offer gentle
warmth for highly
effective pain relief
for cold hands.

Thermal Gloves

diabetes socks
offer caring
comfort without
tight, restricting
bands. Great
choice for tingling
toes, sensitive or
delicate skin &
diabetic foot
Diabetic Socks
Loose top Diabetes Socks for neuropathy pain relief
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