Far infrared therapy socks for ankle sprain pain relief

Suffering From Painful Ankle Sprain? Do You Have
Weak Ankles?

An ankle sprain is often the result of a fall or injury that
"twists" the ankle the wrong way. Thermomedic Therapy
Garments are dedicated to advancing the standard of care in
podiatry and musco-skeletal health.

Weak ankles can frequently result in an ankle sprain, a common injury that
may affect the soft tissues, often the ligaments, of the ankle. Did you know
ankle sprains are the number one injury concerning the ankle joint? Pain
is a common complaint following ankle injury or degenerative joint disease.
far infrared therapy socks and compressive ankle braces
help reduce pain and swelling while improving the effectiveness of

What Causes Sprained Ankles?
A sprained ankle can prevent you from participating in sport and physical
activity for between four to eight weeks, depending upon the severity of
the injury. This is because an ankle sprain often causes a painful, partial
or complete tear of the ankle ligaments on the outside of the foot.

What Causes Weak Ankles?
Accident or injury may result in a painful ankle sprain caused by the
outward twisting of the ankle.  In some cases weak ankles are a congenital
(at birth) condition. The ankles may be sore, “give way” while standing,
walking, or doing other activities. There are a number of conditions which
may predispose you to weak ankles. They include:

 A high arched foot.

Lowered foot arch or flat feet

 Supinated feet which turn inward. This condition is also called

 A neuromuscular disorder that causes the ankle to invert

 Muscle imbalance which can result in weakening of  the muscles of
the ankle joint, called the peroneal muscles.

Loose ligaments, (ligamentous laxity) is a condition characterized
by the softening of the ligaments which hold the bones in their
correct position.

 A difference in the length of the limbs.

 Weakened ankle muscles from previous injury.

 People who roll to the outside of their ankles as they walk may
suffer repeated ankle sprains which can weaken their ankle,
increasing the likelihood of continued sprains.

How Can I Improve Weak or Sprained Ankles?
Mild to moderate ankle sprains with no tearing or a partial tear of the
ligaments showing swelling, bruising, pain and difficulty walking may find
relief and improved ankle stability wearing Thermomedic Therapy
compressive ankle supports.

The improved healing of a complete tear or rupture of the ligaments
associated with swelling, internal bleeding, ankle instability and the inability
to walk can be assisted by Thermomedic compressive ankle supports with
bio-ceramic thermal technology. Thermomedic far infrared therapy socks
may also assist to improve chronic lateral ankle instability and reduce
healing time. For prevention of repeated ankle sprains physiotherapists
recommend the continued application of Thermomedic compressive socks
for all athletic activity.

Therapy Garments mid-compression far infrared ankle
support socks use the latest developments in new materials technology to
apply comfortable compression to soft tissue injuries. The 4-way stretch
ensures a soft, comfortable fit, and allows unobstructed movement and
can be worn with shoes. They are lightweight, odour resistant and

How Can I Reduce The Risk of Sprained Ankles?
Compressive ankle socks and joint supports can help reduce the risk of
sprained ankles. Compressive, lightweight support socks from
Thermomedic  use soothing
far infrared thermal therapy to provide firm yet
comfortable ankle joint support for the treatment and prevention of ankle
sprain injury.

While most
athletes recover relatively quickly from ankle injuries, full
rehabilitation is required to ensure that all physical deficiencies are
corrected, especially in athletes with a history of multiple injuries. Wearing
therapy socks helps reduce the risk of twisting or rolling your ankle. FIR
compression socks can also reduce the risk of re-injury, improve strength
and enhance range of motion.

How Can Thermomedic Therapy Socks Help My Sprained
Thermomedic Therapy socks work by providing a mildly-compressive
physical restraint to assist reinforce the supporting action of ankle
ligaments. Studies show support socks and braces also help provide
sensory feedback to the sensory nerve around the ankle which improves a
patient's sense of proprioception. Proprioception is the ability to know
where a joint is positioned without looking at it. Compromised
proprioception can lead to an
ankle sprain so proprioception training may
form a large part of sprained ankle rehabilitation during physiotherapy
treatment of a sprained ankle.

What Are The Best Ankle & Foot Treatments For Me?
When you injure your ankle it can take weeks, or even months, to heal
and did you know your injured ankle can even remain weaker and less
stable than the uninjured one?

An ankle injury or broken ankle can seriously limit your mobility.
Increasingly, natural non-invasive therapies are used for the treatment of
many painful ankle conditions. These problems can include damage to
one of the three ligaments of the inferior fibula, degenerative joint disease,
chronic pain, grinding/popping, sprain or tenderness or limited range of  
joint motion.

Effective treatment for weak, injured ankles includes wearing
Thermomedic compression socks. Far infrared
therapy clothes and
support socks provide naturally soothing support to assist healing and
provide effective protection from additional strain or injury. Thermomedic
Therapy Garments are suitable for long-term therapeutic care.

Far Infrared Therapy Socks For Ankle Sprains, Pain & Injury
Remedial treatment with far infrared therapy socks and supports for ankle
sprains focuses on reducing pain and swelling, restoring joint range of
motion and muscular flexibility as well as increasing muscular strength and
endurance. Thermomedic Therapy Garments enhances the therapeutic
benefits of functional sports-related strengthening of the entire lower
extremity in the treatment of ankle injuries.

Material Content:  Poly-blend bio-ceramic fibres

Care:  Gentle hand wash in cold water and mild soap. Air dry out of
sunlight. Do not tumble dry, bleach or iron.
Far infrared therapy relieves symptoms associated with ankle sprain.
Ankle Sprain
'A badly sprained
ankle prevented me
from walking for six
weeks. I now wear
Therapy ankle socks
whenever I play
FIR Therapy Socks
Soothing Relief
for Tired Feet

Thermomedic FIR

Support weak
ankles with these
best selling socks.

Price: $29.95
Health Fact File
Everything you need for
sprained or weak ankle
rehabilitation, including
medium compression for
improved ankle
strengthening and
stability. Available in
three sizes & two colours
Fir Socks
Health Fact File
Recognised amongst
health care
professionals for their
superior performance in
helping to heal ankle
injuries Thermomedic
Therapy support socks
with unique patented
formula of 26 earth
minerals ensures
optimum therapeutic
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health is about quality and value that you can trust.

Thermomedic guarantee it.
Compression socks support weak ankles
Far Infrared
Therapy Clothes
offer soothing,
effective natural
health care for your
feet & ankles.
FIR Therapy Socks
Far infrared support socks ease the pain of ankle sprain
Why Does My
Ankle Click
When I Flex It?
It could be posterior
impingement. A
clicking sensation may
be felt when the foot is
twisted or rotated.
Problems in the ankle
joint are usually
associated with past
ankle sprains. Ankle
sprain is an injury to the
ligaments around the
joint. Ligaments are
strong, flexible fibers
that hold bones
together. Thermal

therapy socks
are an
ideal choice to improve
ankle joint pain &
improve joint mobility.

Other symptoms of
posterior impingement
swelling & pain
behind the heel. There
can be tenderness
behind the fibula, by
the outer ankle bone.
Pain is usually worse
when the foot is pointed
down into plantar
How Can I Get My Therapy Garments?
You can get your orthopaedic joint supports & far infrared therapy clothes
delivered to your door without the inconvenience & expense of visiting a
shop or clinic. And, with Thermomedic continuously researching & refining
their body supports and braces.....now, that's peace of mind you can trust!
To get your safe, soothing pain relief
order here
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Currency Exchange
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