Magnetic Therapy With Heat Treatment
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Magnetic stimulation therapy
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Magnetic stimulation therapy

magnet therapy
transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS),

TMS therapy  
Magnetic Therapy: How Can It Help Me?
Magnetic therapy can reduce your pain and enhance the healing process.
Physical and mental functions are controlled by electromagnetic fields
which are produced by the movement of ions within our body.
Thermomedic bio-ceramic fibres are the ultimate material to maximize
natural radiant heat effects to enhance your body's own healing ability.

Is Magnetic Therapy Safe For Me?
Yes. An age-old, powerful healing tool, magnetic therapy is safe, natural
and suitable for long term treatment. Magnetic therapy can assist to
naturally relieve your pain and may be safely integrated into your existing
health care regime. The Mayo Clinic in The States uses
magnetic stimulation to help stop chronic pain.

How Does Magnetic Therapy Work?
Research indicates that the application of a magnetic field to an injured
area may help restore these electromagnetic fields to normal levels. The
magnetic field relaxes capillary walls, surrounding muscle and connective
tissues, allowing for increased blood flow. More oxygen is transferred to
the injury site, while inflammatory-related toxins are removed. It is
important to understand that varying results can be expected, as with any
medical treatment.

Our research shows that the magnetic field strength may influence
effective penetration which is an important consideration in your choice of
therapy garment since many injuries are located in tissue or bone
beneath the skin.

Why Are Thermomedic Therapy Garments The Best?
Thermomedic produce effective therapeutic magnetic therapy products.
Thermomedic support garments are designed to offer effective
therapeutic polarity and magnet strength to help achieve beneficial
magnetic field saturation. Patients may feel improvement with FIR
magnetic therapy within a short period. It should be noted that generally,
mature people respond to FIR magnetic therapy more quickly than
younger people.

For acute injuries, you may begin to feel improvement within hours,
however, individual response may vary.
Thermomedic Therapy Garments
are suitable for long term treatment which may be needed for chronic
pain-related complaints.

Magnetic therapy is intended to complement and enhance your overall
treatment plan while helping you live the life you deserve.

Far Infrared magnetic therapy products can be safely used
to improve healing and help you feel better between standard procedures.

The recognized side effects and health risks of non-steroidal,
anti-inflammatory drugs encourage many people to seek an effective
alternative to relieve their pain.
Thermomedic Fir Magnetic therapy is a
safe, effective, complementary treatment option to incorporate in your
health care regime.

Medical Research
The results of a 2004 study conducted by a British medical research team
published in the British Medical Journal found magnetic therapy clinically
useful to help ease the pain of osteoarthritis of the hips and knees. These
results are consistent with previous studies that analyze the benefits of
magnetic therapy. Thermomedic
far infrared therapy treatments are
designed to offer you the best therapeutic orthopaedic garments!

Magnetic Therapy  Works For Better Health!
Four million Americans suffer from debilitating strokes. In the past, there
has been little to help these individuals restore lost function. Magnetic
therapies are one modality that is being tested with success. Recent trial
studies demonstrate good results with many neurological conditions.

The theory behind magnetic therapy is derived from the application of the
Lamar Frequency Formula in physics. It states that by increasing the
magnetic field in which an atom exists, the velocity of electrons and
protons will be increased proportionately. The result of the enhancement
in magnetic resonance is an increased efficiency of chemical reactions
and increased available energy to that specific area.

Thermomedic therapeutic magnetic garments have no frequency or
pulsing, just a steady-state magnetic field. Stroke victims in The United
States have shown permanent improvement in flexibly, reduction in
continuously cold hands and feet as well as improved function and
circulation of affected body parts with magnetic therapies. It should be
noted that
thermal therapy can be a long-term treatment. Thermomedic
Therapy Garments are safe, painless, non-surgical and
non-pharmaceutical, making them most suitable for prolonged treatment.

Three Research Institutes are currently conducting approved pilot studies
in the USA under the direction of the Institutional Review Board and follow
FDA guidelines.
Thermal Therapy
Back Support offers
soothing relief for
sore back muscles
after exercise.
Back Pain Relief
Thermomedic Thermal Therapy Garments
Coonanbarra Road, Wahroonga, NSW 2076
Correspondence To: P.O. Box 1250  Wahroonga  2076  NSW  AUSTRALIA
Phone: 61 2 9489 8799
Thermomedic Therapy back brace is an excellent pre-warmup sports aid to help prevent injury and strain.
Arthritis Treatment With Magnetic Therapy For Safe Pain Relief
Thermal Therapy Garments
Far Infrared Therapy Treatments
Thermal Therapy
Back Brace is
ideal for lower
back pain, strain,
improving poor
posture & spinal
stiffness & injury.
Back Support
FIR Magnetic Therapy lower back support is a effective pain relief treatment.
Thermal Gloves
Safe, non-toxic cotton
fibre with 6% active
FIR ingredient for
non-invasive pain
Therapy Gloves
Healing far infrared care for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Raynaud's & Arthritis pain.
Far infrared therapy clothes help ease hip & knee joint pain.
Thermomedic Therapy
help ease my
arthritic hip & knee
joints so I can still
get out & about for
an active life......

Charles, London, UK.

Far Infrared
FIR Compression

Socks provides
soothing support
making them ideal
for relief from
neuropathy &
burning pain.
Therapy Socks
Far infrared Therapy Socks assist to relieve pain, improve circulation while offering anti-bacterial qualities for reduced odour & improved therapeutic benefit.
Fact File

Magnetic Therapy
has been popular for
thousands of years
throughout China and
the rest of the world.
While the claim that

magnetic therapy

helps circulate the
blood by interacting
with the iron in the
blood may not be
accurate, since in its
ionized form, iron is
not magnetic. Valued
for their improvement
in pain and joint
stiffness, the
beneficial effects that
magnetic fields have
upon the body means
that magnetic therapy
is a safe and positive
pain management
tool used by both
natural therapists and
sufferers of
degenerative diseases.

The magnetic field
from a magnet is
measured in gauss
strength. Magnets
used for pain relief
and healing typically
measure between 200
to 10,000 gauss.
Earth's magnetic field
is 0.5 gauss, a
refrigerator magnet
holding a shopping list
about 10 gauss, and a
cupboard-door latch
magnet about 400.

Neodymium alloy
magnets or
magnets are rated at
800 gauss, measured
at the surface of the
magnet. That’s quite
small compared to the
40,000 gauss
electromagnets used
in medical MRI, but it’s
powerful for a small
permanent magnet.
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Swollen Ankles

Loose-Top Socks
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Relieve swelling
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Therapy Socks.

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