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A world-wide leader in non-invasive orthopaedics, Thermomedic
Therapy Garments is committed to helping you live life free from the
limitation of pain, discomfort and injury. Our unique range of
ergonomic joint supports and thermal compression garments help
promote healing to speed  your
recovery and rehabilitation.

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If pain persists or continues to worsen, please consult your doctor. This fact sheet is provided for general
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*Due to sanitary concerns, we are unable to accept return or exchange of our Hip Support Underpants or
other undergarments if you simply change your mind. Please choose carefully.

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Diabetic Socks
Thermomedic Therapy Clothes For Diabetic Foot Pain
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What’s New in Diabetes Treatments?

How Can Diabetes Hurt My Feet?
Did you know that painful foot problems are common in people with type 2
diabetes? In fact, as many as one in four people with diabetes will develop a
foot ulcer. Other serious problems include nerve damage, ulcers, neuropathy
and loss of feeling.

Nerve damage, just one of the complications associated with diabetes, can
lead to permanent  loss of feeling in the feet and the uncomfortable, burning
sensation of neuropathic pain. Far infrared therapy socks are highly effective
natural treatments to ease the pain associated with neuropathy. These light-
weight diabetes socks can help improve your foot health…naturally.

Foot ulcers may become infected, causing disability and pain. A major cause
of foot ulcers is peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage. Pressure placed on
the sole of the foot or repeated rubbing against the foot by shoes may also
lead to painful ulcers. Diabetics find they may also suffer problems with
wound healing. Thermomedic's therapy socks can assist in the prevention of
foot ulcers in people suffering with diabetes.

What’s New in Diabetes Treatments for your Foot Problems?  
Scientists have been studying natural therapies in clinical trials. Treatments
that involve negative ion therapy and far infrared light therapy may be helpful
in the treatment of diabetic symptoms. In fact, negative ion therapy may be
particularly beneficial for those people whose condition is complicated by
other health complaints, such as heart problems.

Diabetes socks are the wise choice to naturally soothe neuropathy pain and

Exercise researchers found that higher levels of physical activity lower your
chances of suffering the health risks that can lead to type 2 diabetes. Doctors
tell us that you can relieve the symptoms of diabetes as well as help prevent
the risk of metabolic syndrome with regular physical activity. Even small
increases in levels of physical activity can help you avoid the painful health
risks that can lead to type 2 diabetes. Far infrared therapy socks are
effective in treating diabetic foot problems, improve comfort and relieve foot
and ankle pain allowing you to enjoy a more active life-style.

How Can I Care for My Diabetic Feet?
Did you know there are some very simple ways to prevent or relieve diabetic
foot problems, such as pressure sores, ulcers and skin damage?

•        Firstly, keep your feet clean by washing them in warm water and mild
•        Ensure you dry your feet well.
•        Always wear healing therapy diabetic socks to avoid blisters, skin
damage and to protect your feet from injury.
•        Many diabetics find FIR negative ion therapy socks  offer them soothing
relief from diabetes symptoms and burning neuropathic pain.
Supportive Knee brace is
an effective, post-operative
physiotherapy aid
following corrective knee
FIR Knee Brace
Loose-Top diabetes
socks offer caring
comfort without tight,
restricting bands.
Great choice for
sensitive or delicate
skin & diabetic foot
Diabetic Socks
Diabetic Socks Help Ease Neuropathic Pain

"Before using Thermomedic
therapy socks I had suffered
from chronic neuropathy
pain for 3 years. I've tried
various different
medications with no
success, in fact I've
suffered quite serious side
effects from some of them.
My FIR socks have really
helped ease the burning and
tingling in my feet. Thanks

Roger Davey.
Birmingham. UK.